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SFS Group 2Successful management of your personal wealth happens when you have a meticulously crafted financial plan and deliberate investment strategy. Our strength is combining the two. We focus not only on final outcomes for our clients, but the experiences they have with us and in their life along the way.

A Collaborative Approach

Some areas of your financial plan may require you to work with other professional advisors, such as estate planning attorneys, accountants or loan officers. If these advisors are already in place, we will welcome the opportunity to collaborate so that your big-picture goals are maintained. If the need arises for a professional you are not yet working with, we will make recommendations from our network of excellent professionals. Our network becomes your network. We can coordinate the efforts of all involved, monitor progress, and help keep all parties on track to achieve your goals.

Our Process

We start by asking the question: Where do you want to be?

This sparks a discussion that helps us uncover what means the most to you and the type of financial plan you need to get the most out of life. It also helps us uncover potential roadblocks and opportunities so we can meet them head on. While each client will experience our rigorously researched and implemented investment strategies, the other pieces of your financial plan are dictated by your choosing. We incorporate areas such as estate planning, college funding, generational wealth transfer, tax management, philanthropy and insurance strategies – all are available if and when you need them.

Don't worry about missing something. We meet regularly to keep up on what's happening in your life. Financial planning is a process, and we will continue to review and recalibrate your plan as your life evolves.

  • Goals & Needs Discovery
  • Obstacles & Opportunities
  • Plan Presentation
  • Plan Agreement & Implementation
  • Review & Recalibration

Review & Recalibration


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Our Services


We Offer:


We look at your personal and financial goals, financial freedom (retirement) planning, estate and asset conservation and insurance and tax needs to deliver a plan that will help you acquire, grow and preserve your wealth.


Our investment team implements rigorously researched investment strategies designed to help our clients acquire, grow and preserve their wealth. By understanding your preferences, appetite for risk, goals and your timeline, we select and manage an investment allocation specifically tailored to meet your needs. You can confidently delegate the detailed day-to-day task of portfolio management (which includes securities selection, trading, performance monitoring and responding to changes in the markets and the economy) knowing that your investments are being looked after.


By understanding what a successful retirement plan looks like to you and your company, we will help you assess your goals to keep your retirement plan on track to benefit your business and employees. The heavy-lifting of the plan management becomes our responsibility, leaving you free to focus on the management of your business.


The financial demands on your life as a physician will be unique in every stage of your career. We can walk with you as you navigate debt management, contract negotiations, asset protection, succession planning for your practice, insurance needs and other professional challenges. Our strategies can help guide you through a fulfilling career and lasting legacy.


Planning for multi-generational families brings about unique financial concerns when you incorporate different viewpoints, backgrounds and goals. We help families approach uncomfortable issues such as wealth transfer, family foundation planning, and continuity while addressing emotional and psychological perspectives of family members.


The confusion associated with giving care to individuals with special needs can be overwhelming. We help families connect with resources, work to understand the prognosis, and get support to navigate Special Needs Trusts and asset protection. Our goal is to enhance the livelihood of you and your dependents, leaving you time to focus on living a full life and celebrating the gift of their presence.


We help you identify your specific retirement goals and develop a plan and strategy that can help you achieve them.


We offer specialized services to help ease the administrative burdens of running a successful practice or small business, including contract negotiations, succession planning, partnerships, and employee relations. We maintain a network of professionals available to address your specific business needs.


We help initiate thought and conversation related to end-of-life wishes for clients nearing this period of life, and help younger clients feel comfortable bringing up end-of-life topics with their aging parents. Our process is designed so that the individual, their family, and their healthcare providers understand their wishes and instructions can be carried out as directed.


For special life circumstances, we will walk clients through situations that do not fall under the umbrella of traditional "financial planning." These could be one time occurrences (such as the death of a loved one or a divorce) or a perpetual need that requires on-going guidance.


Here are 10 reasons we think you'll love working with the people at Searcy Financial.

  1. Where You Stand...We Focus.
    From your big picture goals to your day to day challenges, we focus on getting a true vision of your life. We take that understanding of your life and turn it into a plan that really works for you.

  2. Where You Stand...We Serve.
    Our reputation is consistently recognized at the local and national level. We strive to exceed best practices and deliver top-notch service to every client.

  3. Where You Stand...We Educate.
    The opportunity to make smart financial choices happens in your life every day. We are happy to share our knowledge so you recognize these situations and make great decisions.

  4. Where You Stand...We Disclose.
    We put your interests first, and we put this fiduciary approach in writing. Our transparency is intentional so you are never left questioning any piece of our fee-only business model.

  5. Where You Stand...We Plan.
    We require the plans we develop with you to do more than "get the job done." They are designed to motivate you to reach your goals by making sure you can see yourself in every piece of the plan.

  6. Where You Stand...We Evolve.
    When you work with us, you have an entire team supporting your needs. You can count on us to be there for you. We have a business continuity plan in place so we can serve the lifetime and generational needs of your family.

  7. Where You Stand... We Respond.
    You have easy access to our team when you need us, how you need us, for the big things and the not-so-big things. Our communication and response standards are high and meeting your needs is a top priority.

  8. Where You Stand...We Implement.
    Having a plan is just the first step toward reaching your goals. We are with you each step of the way, helping you implement your plan and adapt it to reflect changes that occur in your life.

  9. Where You Stand...We Invest.
    Some firms outsource their investment management. That doesn't work for us. We are hands on with the management of your investments, and each decision made is backed by our rigorous research, education and experience.

  10. Where You Stand...We Stand.
    Our clients are successful, well-educated individuals with many demands on their time. We meet you where you stand in life, understanding what's important to you now and planning for where you want to be in the future.


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