Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Effectively managing your wealth involves having a carefully crafted financial plan and a thoughtful investment strategy in place. We specialize in seamlessly blending these elements while not simply focusing on the end results, but also on the meaningful experiences our clients have with us throughout their journey.

A Collaborative Approach

In certain aspects of your financial plan, collaboration with other professionals such as estate planning attorneys, accountants, or loan officers may be necessary. If you’re already working with such advisors, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with them, ensuring your overarching goals are consistently prioritized. And should the need arise for a professional you haven’t engaged with yet, we’ll recommend experts from our extensive network. Your success becomes a collective effort, and we’ll coordinate with all parties involved, ensuring progress is monitored and everyone stays on course to achieve your objectives.

Our Process

Everything begins with a simple yet profound question: Where do you want to be?

This question sparks a conversation that goes beyond numbers, helping us understand what truly matters to you and the kind of financial plan that aligns with your life goals. It also allows us to identify potential challenges and opportunities so we can proactively address them. While our clients benefit from our meticulously researched and implemented investment strategies, the other facets of your financial plan are tailored to your preferences. We cover areas such as estate planning, college funding, generational wealth transfer, tax management, philanthropy, and insurance strategies—available if and when you need them.

At Searcy Financial, we embrace the dynamic nature of financial planning, recognizing it as an ever-evolving, continuous process. Our unwavering commitment is to proactively review and recalibrate your plan, ensuring it seamlessly adapts to the evolving chapters of your life. Rest assured, our meticulously scheduled meetings serve as a compass, keeping us attuned to any changes or unexpected curveballs that life may throw your way. With us, no detail is overlooked, and your financial journey remains in sync with the rhythm of your life.

1Goals & Needs Discovery

2Obstacles & Opportunities

3Plan Presentation

4Plan Agreement & Implementation

5Review & Recalibration

Our Services

Our Services Are Designed To… Meet You Where You Stand.®

Wealth Planning

Navigating the realm of personal finance requires a tailored approach. Our services encompass a thorough analysis of your personal and financial goals, delving into areas such as financial freedom, retirement planning, estate and asset conservation, in addition to insurance and tax needs. The outcome is a comprehensive plan that empowers you to acquire, grow, and preserve your wealth.
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Investment Management

In the dynamic landscape of personal finance, our investment team stands as your guide. We implement meticulously researched investment strategies, customizing our approach based on your preferences, risk tolerance, goals, and timeline. Delegating the day-to-day intricacies of portfolio management—spanning securities selection, trading, performance monitoring, and response to market changes—allows you to entrust your investments to capable hands.
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Retirement Plans

The vision of a successful retirement plan varies, and we understand the nuances that matter to you and your company. By aligning with your goals, we take on the responsibility of managing your retirement plan, ensuring it remains on track to benefit both your business and employees. This allows you the freedom to concentrate on steering your business towards success.
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Physician Services

As a physician, your financial journey comes with unique challenges at every career stage. We offer guidance on debt management, contract negotiations, asset protection, succession planning for your practice, insurance needs, and other professional challenges. Our strategies are tailored to support you through a fulfilling career, leaving a lasting legacy.
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Generational and Family Financial Planning

Planning for multi-generational families requires a delicate touch, considering diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and goals. We specialize in addressing uncomfortable, yet crucial issues such as wealth transfer, family foundation planning, and continuity. Our approach recognizes not only the financial aspects but also the emotional and psychological perspectives of family members, ensuring a holistic and lasting legacy for generations to come.
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Special Solutions for our Special Needs Families

Caring for individuals with special needs comes with its own set of challenges, and navigating through those complexities can be overwhelming. We specialize in assisting families by providing resources, understanding prognoses, and offering support to navigate the intricacies of Special Needs Trusts and asset protection. Our mission is to elevate the quality of life for both you and your dependents, allowing you the freedom to cherish the gift of their presence and not be bogged down by the day-to-day obstacles you may be facing.
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Retirement Planning

Identifying specific retirement goals is crucial, and we guide you in developing a tailored plan and strategy to achieve them. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment of your current financial standing, lifestyle aspirations, and the timeline leading up to your retirement. We not only focus on financial security but also on ensuring your retirement years are filled with the experiences you envision. As life unfolds, we continuously review and adapt your retirement plan, making adjustments to align with your evolving needs and circumstances. At Searcy Financial, we believe that retirement is not just a destination; it’s a journey we navigate together to assure that your golden years are truly golden.
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Business and Practice Consulting

Running a successful practice or small business presents unique challenges. At Searcy Financial, we step in as your strategic partner, offering specialized services that go beyond the conventional. Whether you’re navigating the intricacies of contract negotiations, planning for the seamless succession of your business, forging meaningful partnerships, or fostering healthy employee relations, our dedicated team is here for you. Our approach involves not just addressing immediate concerns but also crafting a long-term strategy that propels your business toward sustained success.
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End-of-Life Planning

Initiating conversations about end-of-life wishes can be challenging but it is essential. We recognize the sensitivity of this topic and provide compassionate guidance for clients approaching this phase of life. Additionally, we offer support to younger clients, helping them navigate these discussions with their aging parents. Our structured process ensures clarity, facilitating a comprehensive understanding among individuals, their families, and healthcare providers. By addressing these matters proactively, we empower our clients to articulate and document their wishes, fostering a sense of peace and assurance for themselves and their loved ones.
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Situational Planning

Life is unpredictable, and not all situations fit neatly into traditional financial planning. Whether it’s the emotional toll of losing a loved one, the complexities of navigating a divorce, or a perpetual need demanding ongoing guidance, we understand that life’s challenges are diverse. At Searcy Financial, we approach these unique circumstances with a blend of empathy and expertise, providing a supportive hand through the twists and turns of each event. Our commitment goes beyond financial solutions; we strive to ease the emotional burden, offering a personalized approach to help you navigate these unexpected paths. With us by your side, you can confidently face life’s uncertainties, knowing that a dedicated team is here to guide you with care and understanding.
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