Searcy’s Internship Program

Finding your place in the financial industry can be an overwhelming task. There are a multitude of position types available and you don’t want to waste years determining which one is right for you. We believe internships should be structured to give students a day-to-day glimpse into what it takes to work for an independent RIA firm. This means you do more than just make coffee…a lot more!

An internship with the Searcy group of companies exposes students to a broad range of responsibilities. You will be trained on both the “why” and “how” of firm operations, before carrying out these responsibilities which may include new client set-up, set-up and maintenance of financial plans, ongoing account maintenance and client service requests, investment research and reporting, and supporting firm-level initiatives.

We pride ourselves on being a strengths-based firm, so personal development and mentoring will be a good portion of the internship experience. Interns will also learn the requirements necessary for future positions and career paths within the firm.

Please visit our Current Positions listing for information on joining our internship program.

Internship Program Participants

Indicate Your Interest

Indicate Your Interest

Thank you for considering a career with us! We’re excited to learn more about you and how you can contribute to our team. To kickstart the application process, we kindly ask you to complete our Culture Index Survey. This survey helps us understand your unique strengths, work style, and how you’ll thrive within our professional environment.