Kimberly Solomon

Outside of Work, You’ll Find Me:

My journey began in India and continued in Canada, where I spent my formative years. During my time in school, I discovered a passion for empowering others through financial literacy, volunteering as a financial coach to impart valuable knowledge to my peers. I love to read and draw in my spare time. As a devoted sports enthusiast, my allegiance lies with the LA Lakers! I also enjoy travel and have visited seven countries.

In a significant milestone in my personal life, I joyfully welcomed my first child, Reeya Solomon Stanford, in November 2023. Parenthood has brought immeasurable joy and fulfillment to my life.

Education and Certifications:

Kimberly’s academic pursuits reflect her dedication to excellence in the field of financial planning.

Masters of Financial Planning and Analytics, Utah Valley University

In the Community:

Kimberly served as a Financial Coach and the Vice President of Digital Marketing for the UVU Money Management Resource Center. She was the recipient of the Bud Poduska Service Award from the UVU Personal Financial Planning program in 2023.

Along with her family, Kimberly makes food and delivers it to the homeless community nearly every Sunday evening. Her family was connected to another that had been doing this for a long time and joined the effort because homeless shelters in her area don’t provide food. They also gather and distribute donations during this time.