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We cannot stress enough the value that tax deferred savings brings to your retirement planning. It is one of the more powerful tools at your disposal.

To help prepare those of you who are still working, a summary of the 2020 Annual Benefit Plan Amounts, showing adjustments to dollar limitations on benefits from and contributions to qualified retirement plans, can be found at the end of this communication.

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By Marc Shaffer

My involvement in the Centurions Leadership Program gave a broad overview of the KC metro and how everything connects; businesses, charities, education, etc. It led me to want to volunteer in my own backyard, where I live and work, in Overland Park.

I was first introduced to Growing Futures Early Education Center (then known as Head Start of Shawnee Mission) in 2014 when they applied as a beneficiary of the Overland Park South Rotary Club’s annual Jazz in the Woods event. Like many others in our community, I was surprised by the poverty in Johnson County. Did you know that based on 2017 census data, more than 30,000 residents are living in households with income at 100% of the federal poverty level? In 2019, for a family of four, that is an annual income of $25,750. Fortunately, in Johnson County, we have Growing Futures Early Education Center to assist vulnerable families with their mission of nurturing children and strengthening families to enrich the community.

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Health insurance and health care spending are popular topics of conversation among Americans. Most households are eager to maintain the quality of the coverage they enjoy well into their retirement years. But preparing for extended care requires consideration and thoughtful preparation.

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For those whom retirement is a long way off, it can represent a never-ending vacation, a time free of work and full of play. For others who are closer to retiring, their next chapter may represent an exciting season filled with new and meaningful contributions. Whatever your retirement plans may be, shrinking your domestic footprint may be an important aspect to consider, and you may be surprised why it matters. In this article, we’ll explore some reasons to downsize, and some smart strategies to consider that can help make sure your retired life is everything you’re hoping for.

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By Brenda Carrico

Are you still learning new things on a regular basis? Maybe you’re reading about a subject that you don’t know anything about, or you’ve joined an archeology club for example – credit to you!

Or, are you someone who doesn’t want to, nor feels like you should have to, learn anything new once you reach a certain age? If so, did you know that studies show if you force your brain to learn something unfamiliar that you may be able to stave off or even prevent memory loss and other cognitive issues?

In our industry, so that we can assist our clients with their changing needs as they transition through the different phases of life, we’re constantly learning about aging issues such as elder abuse and the impact that cognitive loss could potentially have on their futures. So, we are advocates for lifelong learning, especially if doing so can protect you against both elder abuse and cognitive decline.

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Covering topics including personal and financial goals, financial freedom (retirement) planning, estate and asset conservation, insurance and tax needs to deliver a financial plan to help you acquire, grow and preserve your wealth.

Discussing investment strategies to acquire, grow and preserve wealth, risk, investment goals, asset allocation and portfolio management (which includes securities selection, trading, performance monitoring and responding to changes in the markets and the economy.)

Discussing topics of concern to physicians and medical professionals, including debt management, contract negotiations, asset protection, succession planning for your practice, insurance needs, and other professional and financial challenges. 

Multi-generational families face financial concerns coming from different viewpoints and backgrounds, including wealth transfer, family foundation planning, and continuity while addressing emotional and psychological perspectives of family members.

We help you identify your specific retirement goals and develop a plan and strategy that can help you achieve them.

By understanding what a successful retirement plan looks like to you and your company, we will help you assess your goals to keep your retirement plan on track to benefit your business and employees. The heavy-lifting of the plan management becomes our responsibility, leaving you free to focus on the management of your business. 

We are committed to quality, support, and ethical business practices so that our Overland Park firm will be your choice for financial advisement.

Searcy Financial helps clients choose an appropriate claiming strategy while addressing life changes, such as divorce and its effect on Social Security.

Addressing the issues and confusion associated with giving care to individuals with special needs, including understanding the prognosis, financial planning, navigating Special Needs Trusts, and asset protection. 

Discussing books, new and old, and why we find them valuable. 

Discussing issues related to engagements, marriage, divorce and remarriage. 


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