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By Marc C. Shaffer

Life has changed and many have changed their mindset along with it. One major point of change has been careers – what they can offer, what’s important to you and what career it will take to live the life you want. During the pandemic, many people realized the desire for greater flexibility in their life and decided to start their own business. Pandemic entrepreneurs.

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By Ryan Brooke, CFP®, ChFC®

Was retirement on your mind pre-pandemic? Whether you were already planning for your retirement or you’re just starting to set a date now, chances are retirement might look and feel different in a post-pandemic world.

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You love everything about being gainfully employed. But you’re getting close to retirement. What do you do? Should you wait until you’re 70? Retire at 62? Or continue working, but fewer hours, or maybe, in a different, less-demanding position?

In this article, we will explore some of your choices. We will take a look at some of the available options that may fit your circumstances and lifestyle, while also considering the condition of your health during your later working years.

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