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You love everything about being gainfully employed. But you’re getting close to retirement. What do you do? Should you wait until you’re 70? Retire at 62? Or continue working, but fewer hours, or maybe, in a different, less-demanding position?

In this article, we will explore some of your choices. We will take a look at some of the available options that may fit your circumstances and lifestyle, while also considering the condition of your health during your later working years.

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Beautiful vistas, glorious landscapes, sunsets, quaint towns and exciting adventures. The sights and sounds of traveling. Are they lost once you retire?

Retirement generally means transitioning to a fixed income, but the image of fixing yourself in a rocking chair on the front porch is outdated. Opportunities for travel and writing your own next chapter are abundantly available, if you plan in advance to make these things happen.

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How about the City of Lights with the Eiffel Tower in the background? You can take weekend trips to the Louvre.

Thinking about the Eternal City? Visit the Colosseum or the Pantheon in your free time.

A smart bungalow in a quaint London neighborhood would be absolutely smashing. And you wouldn’t have to learn another language—other than British English. You can always tour the Tower of London or take a gander at Buckingham Palace whenever you feel like it.

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It takes nearly 18 hours to drive from Chicago to Orlando, Florida. Gas for the trip is $89-$173. Plan to set aside 1 day and 5 hours to travel the 2,025 miles from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Tempe, Arizona. Gas will cost anywhere from $156 to $304.

Dual or seasonal residents choose to make those types of treks between two homes twice a year to take advantage mostly of milder temperatures and more comfortable climates elsewhere.

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Small-business owners are an essential component of keeping America’s economy churning. In the United States, small businesses with 500 or fewer employees make up 99.7% of companies and are collectively worth more than $10 trillion.

Too often, however, small-business owners spend so much time and energy building their companies, they neglect their personal financial futures. They might consider their companies to be their retirement plans, but don’t create the structure or strategy necessary for turning financial success into a meaningful retirement.

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